Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party Games - Counting backwards from 50

Everybody sit in a large circle. One blank sheet each is distributed to all participants and one pen is kept in the centre. The host goes from one person to another with a dice and flat suface (plate). Each participant rolls the dice fast and whoever rolls a six, runs for the pen from the centre of the table and starts writing numbers from 50 backwards. Meanwhile the host continues moving round with the dice. The next person to roll a six, gets up and snatches the pen from the person who is writing and starts writing the numbers from 50 backwards. This is repeated till one person completes writing till number 1 to win the game.

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Party Games - Cards and Coins

Another interesting party game. A pack of cards are kept on the table. One participant plays at one time and is timed for one minute. A box of assorted currency coins are kept at hand. The participant draws a card and whatever the value of the card 4 coins of such denominations are kept on it, so as to match its value. e.g for the King of any colour the value is 13 and 2 Rs5 coins and 1Rs 2 coin and 1Re 1 coin, making atotal of 4 coins. The value of ace may be kept as 14. The one who is able to match the max no. of cards with 4coins, wins.

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