Monday, November 23, 2009

Queen of Sheba

A party game for teenagers/small children. In which the host plays the Queen of Sheba. She asks for something and the first participant to fulfill her wish correctly wins a point/prize. She keeps asking for one thing after another.Examples:
1. Red rose.
2. A fifty paisa coin or maybe two coins.
3. 3 balloons or purple balloons.
The list is endless. The person with the maximum points wins or a small prize can be given immediately to the winner of each wish at that time.
Adults can play this game with a slight variation. All the participants can be divided into teams and then a team representative is chosen who goes up to the queen with the fulfilled wish. The nature of wishes can be changed according to the level of the participants.


  1. cute game, the child would really feel like a king

  2. interesting will suggest to my cousins to play this one..

  3. Its a cute game and generates a lot of excitement. We played it at Club Mahindra Munnar where the one of the guests was made the queen and the games incharge, divided the rest of us in two groups and chose a representative in each group. It was great fun.
    Recently the children played it in a birthday party and got a chocolate for each fulfilled wish.
    Thanks Shubhra
    @Rajesh I hope your cousins enjoys it.

  4. hope its nice..or else we r screwed

  5. We recently played this game on our recent trip to Ravine Hotel , the funniest thing asked by queen which is my daughter was a torned black color socks. It was fun as all wife started checking their husband socks.

  6. This game always had an overwhelming response each time we played... We've played it in different occassions and repeatedly with the same group of people at different point of time...



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